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“Your boxers aren’t a part of your body, wear it once and wash it” – Reality star, Alex Unusual advises men


Reality TV star, Alex Asogwa, popularly known as Alex Unusual has advised men to wash their boxers immediately after it’s being worn.

Alex took to her Instagram page to talk to men who have formed the dirty habit of not cleaning up themselves and having their bath regularly.

According to her, wear it once and wash it.

She wrote;

“Random thought. Guys, please, your underwear (what you call boxers and pants) isn’t a part of the body. Wear it once and wash it. Don’t think it only applies to ladies. Also, some guys feel it’s not a problem when they wake up in the morning and not have their bath or brush all day but they’ll wear designers and gold chain , make videos living the life , work and go about their activities. You are a pig, you just haven’t been told.

It’s not about having a bath when you need to go out for parties or when a girl is coming over. It’s also not about wearing perfume and not having a bath. Your whole house can be clean but you are still dirty. You can have all the money in this life and still have odor. (An excuse is accepted if it’s a health condition).

Take a lot of water too.

Neatness is key. Dear dirty people, you are allowed to have a problem with this post. If you don’t have a health condition and feel attacked thereby attacking me, your brain should be exchanged for soap.
Enjoy your week good people.”


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