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Xi calls on Biden to talk on China-U.S. ties


Chinese President Xi Jinping today stressed to his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, the need to restore different instruments of converses with precisely comprehend the political goals of the other and stay away from misconceptions.

During a phone discussion, the Asian leader accentuated the significance of managing differences where they exist and seeking cooperation where desirable.

China and the United States, he said, when cooperating, can enormously add to the prosperity of each side and the world, however their encounter will be awful for everybody, according to an official statement.

On that point, he stressed on the estimation of participation with shared advantages and guaranteed that both people and the global community need to see a positive turn and stable improvement of bilateral ties.

‘You have said that the United States can be defined in one word: possibilities. We hope, therefore, that the possibilities will now point to an improvement in relations,’ Xi said, proposing to expand contacts between the different levels of their governments.

He suggested making coordinated efforts, abiding by the spirit of non-conflict, committing to mutual respect and contributing to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting the recovery of economy and peace on the planet.

However, he urged Washington to be prudent in the handling of issues such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang, among others, for being internal issues to China and concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to the note, Biden assured that he was ready for a frank and constructive dialogue with Beijing in order to promote mutual understanding.

This is the first contact between the two presidents since the Democrat arrived at the White House.


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