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Wuhan returns to normal as world still battles pandemic


A year ago, a notification sent to cell phones in Wuhan at 2 a.m. reported the world’s first Covid-19 lockdown, bringing the clamoring central Chinese industry and transport center to a virtual standstill practically for the time being. It would last 76 days.

Early Saturday morning, notwithstanding, occupants of the city where the infection was first identified were jogging and practising Tai chi in a haze covered park next to the powerful Yangtze River.

Life has generally gotten back to normal as usual in the city of 11 million, even as the rest of the world wrestles with the spread of the infection’s more contagious variants. Endeavors to vaccinate individuals for COVID-19 have been baffled by disorder and limited supplies in certain spots. The scourge has killed over 2 million people around the world.


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