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World’s oldest man dies at 112


Robert Weighton, the world’s oldest man, kicked the bucket at 112 years old, his family affirmed in an announcement.

Weighton, a previous engineer and educator from Hampshire in southern England, had cancer and passed on calmly in his rest at his own home, where he lived autonomously up until his demise, his family said in an announcement to the UK’s PA Media news office.

“Bob was an extraordinary man, and to the family not really because of the amazing age he reached,” the family said.

“A role model to us all, he lived his life interested in and engaged with all kinds of people from across the world.”

Weighton, who was conceived in Yorkshire in the north of England on March 29, 1908, was formally named the world’s oldest man after Chitetsu Watanabe, from Japan, kicked the bucket on February 23, aged 112 years and 355 days.

Making light of the honor at that point, Weighton depicted himself as “an ordinary bloke who just happened to live for a long time”.

He additionally declined the proposal of a birthday card from Queen Elizabeth II this year, saying he didn’t need one to citizens’ detriment and had gotten at any rate 10 from her already, PA announced.


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