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WHO warns against use of Remdesivir drug For COVID-19 – See why


While the world was having high hopes regards the final approval of Remdesivir for protection from COVID-19 infection, The World Health Organisation has revealed on Friday, November 20 that the drug, will no longer be recommended for COVID-19 patients.

This development came after a WHO panel revealed that there is no evidence that it improves survival or reduces the need for ventilation.

The Ebola drug was one of the drugs used to treat U.S. President Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection, and had been shown in previous studies to have cut time to recovery.

It is authorised or approved for use as a COVID-19 treatment in more than 50 countries.

But a WHO advisory said the drug is no more efficacious, following but a large WHO-led trial known as the Solidarity Trial.

The trial showed last month that it had little or no effect on 28-day mortality or length of hospital stays for COVID-19 patients.

“The panel found a lack of evidence that remdesivir improved outcomes that matter to patients such as reduced mortality, need for mechanical ventilation, time to clinical improvement, and others
,” the guideline said.


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