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“Vigilante groups are not supposed to carry arms, any of them that does so is carrying illegal arms” – IGP


The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has said that it is illegal for vigilante groups to carry arms.

The IGP said that work of the vigilante groups is to accumulate knowledge and make them accessible to the police

Vigilante groups in Nigeria are constantly equipped with all manner of weapons, which they even utilize more often to battle crime.

However, in a meeting with Channels Television on Monday, the IGP said that they are carrying illegal arms.

He additionally kept up that all designated checkpoints regarding roadblocks are banned.

“Vigilante groups are supposed to be working with the communities, gather intelligence and pass to the police.

“Vigilante groups are not supposed to carry arms…any of them that does so is carrying illegal arms.

“Up till today, checkpoints in terms of roadblocks are banned. Any police officer that engages in that is doing an illegal duty and if he is caught, he would answer for it,” he said.


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