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Values You Should Possess As Singles Before Marriage


Marriage is one of the most beautiful and glamorous things that could happen to anyone and this explains why many look forward to it. This does not erode the part of marriage having its own problems or making it all sweet and perfect. However, the exchange of vows, rings, and the moment shared having friends and families and everyone witness the beauty feels like the end of the world.
Marriage is good, but as a single person, there are certain things you should own and should have achieved before getting into a marriage you intend to keep long.

  1. A stable emotion
    Emotions is one of the most involved factors in any marriage, sometimes because of the involvement of your partner in most of what you have to do, your opinions and submissions might differ which sometimes lead to uncontrollable differences in which if you are not so stable emotionally, you might be headed for the end of that marriage.
  2. Financial stability
    It might not be a great idea for you as the lady or the guy to get into marriage without a fairly stable income at least. The world today does not give you all the room to make do with a menial source of income, especially when you have to plan and do so much for you and your spouse and your kids’ future if you plan to have kids together. In addition to this, it is advisable to have double or multiple source of income If possible.
  3. Sense of responsibility
    It is necessary to understand that getting married automatically means being responsible for not just you anymore but someone else and most likely some more in the future(kids). At the point when you decide to exchange vows, you should have at the back of your mind that you are consciously getting responsible and answerable to your partner, if you intend to be all to yourself, then the idea of marriage might not be very appropriate for you.
  4. Unconditional Love
    You should be prepared for the worst when you decide to get into marriage, this is because overtime, changes occur and your wife that used to be all smart and pretty might not look like it to you and in the same vein, your intelligent and young husband might look or start being another person in a couple of years, when this begins to happen, you need to consciously decide to love and treasure your partner the more.
    5 . Readiness to adapt and be correctable
    Considering the saying that no one is all perfect or knowing, it is necessary to get ready to adapt to certain changes that your partner might want to make as regards certain things or matters that concern you. Your husband for example might want you to dress in a certain way that you don’t find very cool or comfortable, most times when you find yourself in this situation, the use of force or making your opinion pass anyhow might not do your marriage more harm than good, be ready to communicate, adapt and strike a balance.


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