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Uzodinma threatens another lockdown in Imo


Gov. Hope Uzodinma of Imo has threatened a second lockdown, if inhabitants of the state keep on disregarding COVID-19 safety conventions.

The governor issued the threat in a statewide broadcast in Owerri late on Friday night.

Uzodinma, who grimaced at lack of concern of Imo inhabitants towards established safety conventions, said that four mobile courts have been set up in various parts of the state to arraign violators of COVID-19 safety conventions.

He directed the use of face masks, hand sanitisers and hand wash stands in all malls, markets, hotels, eateries, night clubs, supermarkets and public offices as well as for all religious gatherings, marriage and burial ceremonies.

He pecked the maximum number of people for public gatherings at 50 and cautioned that guilty parties would need to endure a half year in prison or pay N20,000 in lieu.

“However, I must make it absolutely clear that if our people choose instead to continue to deceive themselves that Coronavirus does not exist and continue to go about without face masks and without observing other safety protocols, I will be forced to review the situation in the coming weeks.

“If it is clear from the realities on ground that extra, more stringent measures must be taken to keep our people safe,

“I will have no choice but to authorise a second lockdown of the state. The choice is entirely ours to make: To strictly adhere to the simple safety protocols now or to face a complete lockdown in a few weeks.

“Let us all resolve today to do the right thing for our state, for our safety and for the safety of our loved ones,” he urged.


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