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US Secretary of State and Nigerian Foreign Minister Meet at the White and Discuss Security, Humanitarian & Other Issues


The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and the Nigerian foreign minister, Jeffrey Onyema gave a press release today about their meeting at the White House. Mike Pompeo spoke about the strong ties between both countries he said ” Nigeria is already Americas largest trading partner in Africa. US companies from Google to Chevron to KPMG invested over a billion dollars in Nigeria in 2018 alone, creating over 18000 jobs and supporting over 3 million people indirectly. The foreign minister and I discussed how we can tie our trade even further including infrastructure investments, embracing free market policies that attract capital, private capital and showing enforcement of the law and doubling down on any corruption efforts are the surest ways to show prosperity in Nigeria and across the region. And we are pleased to that President Buhari has prioritized that fight against corruption. In support of that fight I am pleased to announce that the United States and Nigeria have signed an agreement to return $308 million dollars to the Nigerian people stolen in assets by a former dictator. Now I’ll turn to our security cooperation, which is also expanding. Case in point, Nigerias recent $500 million dollar purchase of 12 US made A29 Aircraft that supports President Buhari’s recently stated goal of creating a security force with the best training and modern weaponry. He also pledged that those forces would be held to the highest standards for Human Rights. The US will hold Nigeria to that pledge and help you to achieve it.


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