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US President Joe Biden to meet Queen Elizabeth II on UK visit


US President Joe Biden will meet Queen Elizabeth II when he visits the UK for the G7 summit next week.

Buckingham Palace said on Thursday that the meeting would take place at Windsor Castle on June 13.

The 95-year-old monarch, who has not lived at Buckingham Palace since the start of the pandemic in March last year, will also meet Jill Biden, the first lady.

Mr Biden’s visit to Britain will be his first overseas trip since his election victory over Donald Trump last year.

The queen, who has met 12 US presidents over the past 70 years, hosted Mr Trump during a state visit in June 2019.

The Bidens will meet the queen about two months after the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Paying tribute to Prince Philip, Mr Biden said the duke was “a heck of a guy”.

“He never slowed down at all, which I admire the devil out of,” he said in April.

Former US president Barack Obama said he was nervous about meeting the queen and Prince Philip during his own visit in 2011, but his unease quickly subsided.

“As two Americans unaccustomed to palaces and pomp, we didn’t know what to expect,” he said.

“We shouldn’t have worried. The queen and Prince Philip immediately put us at ease with their grace and generosity, turning a ceremonial occasion into something far more natural, even comfortable.”


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