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UK first to approve French COVID vaccine Valneva


British authorities have authorised a coronavirus vaccine for adults made by French drugmaker Valneva, despite the government’s decision last year to cancel an order for at least 100 million doses.

The UK is the first country to authorise the vaccine, which is also under review by the European Medicines Agency. Britain’s medicines regulator said on Thursday the two-dose vaccine was intended for adults aged 18 to 50, with the second dose given about a month after the first. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said the shot met safety, quality and effectiveness standards.

The Valneva vaccine is made with the decades-old technology used to manufacture shots for flu and polio. It is the sixth COVID-19 vaccine the UK has cleared and the only one that utilises a “killed” virus – scientists grow the coronavirus in a lab and then inactivate it so it cannot replicate or infect cells. Continue Reading


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