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Two US Capitol police officers suspended over Trump riot


Two US Capitol cops have been suspended over the Trump riot, says a lawmaker.

One of those who action has been made against is the official who was gotten on video posing for a selfie picture with a rioter as they raged the Capitol Building.

What’s more, the other is an official who put on a MAGA cap and directed rioters around the structure, as indicated by Ohio congressman Tim Ryan, who sits on the committee that finances the Capitol police.

Mr Ryan told reporters that he has been told that there are as now as many as 15 investigations being made into Capitol police officers following the riots, but did not give specific details.

“I know that there were two people that were suspended,” Ryan said during a press call. 

“One was the selfie officer and another was an officer that put a MAGA hat on that started directing some people around.”

The Democrat added that force’s interim chief was “taking aggressive action within the department” to uncover if officers gave the rioters any help or coordination.

The recording of the officer posing for a selfie, was initially presented on twitter by writer Timothy Burke.

The clip seemed to show an officer of the United States Capitol Police, wearing a high perceivability vest and badge, posing for a photograph with man who had raged the building.

The pair, surrounded by Trump supporters wearing red Trump hats and carrying flags, are seen leaning in for the picture before nodding at each other after it was apparently been taken.

Five people, including Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, were killed in the riot which lead to the resignation of the force’s chief.

An officer who was on duty during the violence died by suicide over the weekend, his family announced.


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