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Two dead in suicide bombings in Somalia


Two people have died in a recent bomb blast outside a restaurant in the Somalian capital city Mogadishu.

According to the police and eyewitness account the bomb blew after an unidentified man was prevented from entering the Lul Yemeny restaurant in Mogadishu.

The Police spokesperson who was at the scene of the crime said: “A vigilant security guard for the restaurant stopped the suicide bomber from getting inside the restaurant. The bomber (then) suddenly blew himself up outside of the bar as you can see.”

The eyewitness also said two people died on the spot with a third person who sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital.

With Lul Yemeny restaurant in close proximity to the Mogadishu airport, the area is usually filled with security officers and government officials who work in the area. These people are the usual targets of Islamist militants. Although no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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