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“Trump will leave in shame” – Primate Ayodele


The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, says God has dismissed United States President, Donald Trump.

He recommended this was on the grounds that Trump wanted to “cause destruction to the world”.

The minister talked, in an assertion, in the midst of the current political crisis in America.

Trump insists Joe Biden didn’t win the November 3 official election.

On Wednesday, his supporters raged the U.S. capitol as Congress discussed the vote count.

The protest began after Trump tended to his adherents vowing “never to surrender”.

Ayodele pronounced that the American leader “will leave in disgrace”.

“God wants to push Donald Trump out of government. No matter what he does to cause destruction in America and the world, God has rejected Trump. He will go in shame, this is the word of the Lord.

“What does Trump want? Why not use civilized ideas to handle issues?
Why is he creating troubles for America and the world? He has gotten it wrong for instigating riot and protest.

“He wants to truncate global democracy, God has rejected him. This is a disgrace to the Government of Donald Trump, He has berated the number one seat in the world, no matter his intrigues, He will not get it.

“Donald Trump should have left, what he has done is wrong. Why then do we blame African presidents? This attitude of Trump is creating war, He has been rejected by God”, Ayodele stressed.


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