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Things One Should Not Do In A Relationship


There are some actions and reactions that are unhealthy and destructive to romantic relationships. Such actions and reactions affect and interfere negatively with how both couples in the relationship give and receive love. They cause unnecessary drama and conflict in the relationship. Eventually, they can lead to the relationship ending. Briefly, here are six things you should never do in a romantic relationship;

1. Blame game

During conflicts and fights, avoid the temptation to play the blame game and point fingers at your partner. No matter the situation, blaming the other person in the relationship never helps. It makes them seem like the enemy, and in a relationship, your partner is not the enemy. During conflict, remember it is you and your partner vs the problem, not you vs your partner.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy in a romantic relationship will lead to distrust, possessiveness, control, manipulation, unnecessary suspicions, and drama, and none of these things are especially healthy in a romantic relationship. You cannot have a healthy romantic relationship when jealousy is involved. It will create an atmosphere in the relationship that will see you act in ways that are unattractive and destructive. To have a fulfilling, satisfying relationship, you must cut out jealous emotions from your relationship.

3. Making assumptions

It has been said that assumption is the lowest, worse, and most destructive form of knowledge. Assumptions will have you reading the wrong explanations into situations, seeing things that are not there, and making wrong decisions that you’ll eventually regret later in the process. It is important that you keep assumptions out of your relationship. When things are not clear or when you’re uncertain and unsure, communicate with your partner. Talk to them. Ask questions. Don’t assume, else you’ll make decisions that’ll hurt you, your partner, and the relationship.

4. Guilt trips

Guilt tripping your partner is one of those things you should never, ever do. It’s manipulation, and you should never manipulate the people you love. It shows you do not care about their emotions and you just want to use them for your own benefits. In a romantic relationship, it is important you and your partner find healthy ways to act and react towards each other, healthy ways that show you both care for the wellbeing of each other.

5. Complaining

Complaining hardly solves anything in life, and it’ll not solve anything in your relationship either. Instead, it’ll likely make things worse, especially when your complaints are always about your partner. Constantly complaining about your partner demeans and disrespects them. It makes them feel unloved and unappreciated. And eventually, it destroys the love between the two of you. If there are issues in your relationship that require fixing, there are more constructive ways to communicate them to your partner and eventually solve them rather than constantly complaining and nagging.

6. Passive-aggression

Passive-agressive behaviour, or any form of aggressive behaviour, is harmful to a romantic relationship. During conflict, you should not act directly or indirectly hostile to your partner. They’re not the enemy. You’re both on the same team. Find more constructive ways to communicate your emotions and needs in the relationship rather than acting in ways that provoke unnecessary drama and conflict.


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