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The high demand for face masks in Nigeria


With the latest developments of the Lagos State government that is contemplating on imposing a compulsory wearing of face masks in public in addition with a steep rise of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country it comes as no surprise that there is a sudden spike in the demand for face masks across the country.
The Lagos state government has stated that it will provide about a million face masks to a significant number of its residents and citizens but this obviously cannot cater to all the over twenty million residents of the state. Meaning most of Lagosians will have to procure the necessary PPE by themselves. If there’s a positive flip side to this news, it is that this has created a window of opportunity for the ‘opportunistic entrepreneurs’ who can begin producing locally made face masks to meet this sudden.

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One of such entrepreneurs who has decided to bravely take on this herculian task is Adenike Ogunlesi, who is runs a children’s clothing store, Ruff n Tumble. Adenike says it’s going to be difficult and challenging but if we are always looking for less difficult situations we are never going to be able to survive when it’s difficult.
She further explains “In that challenge is where you where you build your resilience, is where you build great! Because what this has shown me is that the textiles mills need to be completely revamped. The quality of what is coming out could be better and I think we can make it better. I can’t compete with China, and it’s futile to try and compete with China but I can create a niche and I can play in a niche where the value I bring you can see it and you are willing to pay for it”.
She has recently opened an apparel factory known as Gatinmo Apparel on a mission to meet the demand of providing Nigerians with the much needed face masks.


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