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The Major Rules Of Love


Love is a set of emotions associated with strong connection, feelings, affection, warmth and respect for another person. Love is also an extreme feeling of attachment and attraction. They’re different kind of love, love between friends, family and spouse.

Rule of love simply mean a set of explicit or understood principles that guides, control and conduct activities in a relationship. Rule of love is just a guideline to a happy and successful relationship, marriage and dates. It’s gives vivid and clear understanding of what love relationships with a life partner, friends families and people you love is.

When dealing with case that involves, love care, feelings and emotions, there are some laid down rule, set, regulations that need to follow carefully in other to have a successful, peaceful, healthy and a long term relationship and they’re listed below;

1.Forgive each other

Forgiveness is a key to long life. The first and golden rule of love is to always learn how to forgive each other. There is no how there won’t be disagreement, disappointment and fight in a relationship, but the ability, power and the spirit to forgive each other is one of the best way to a stress free, a peaceful and healthy relationship. Always learn to forgive each other no matter the situation.

2.Always tell the truth

Truth is one of the things that is most important not even in every relationship but in our day to day activities. In a relationship, you need to tell the truth to each other no matter what. Sometimes the truth may be bitter but it’s better and it doesn’t have to be said bitterly. Telling the truth always will make your partner to have trust and faith in you.

3.Avoid cheating.

Cheating is a breach of trust and faith your partner has in you. Its a breaking of promise you made to your partner in the early stage of your relationship to be with them no matter the situation. Cheating is a harmful, damaging and a very bad thing. It’s one of the major causes of divorce in the modern era. Cheating is a sin and if truly you really want a happy and peaceful relationship, you need to keep up with this rule.

4.Treat your partner the way you want to be treated

This rule is simple, treat other people they way you want to be treated. Treating your partner with care, love, respect, sympathy and compassion shows that you have morals, you’re well trained and it can lead to a long term healthy and peaceful relationship.

Beneath are some Other rules to follow;

Be patient

Be tolerant

Respect each other

Avoid third party influence. Don’t be too possessiveness or clingy

Avoid false pride

Don’t blame each other for what you cannot achieve, rather work together to make it happen

Always try and help to develop each other

Failure is not the end, try and continue to sprout beyond your limitations

Bottom: No love life is perfect ,you’ll need to keep working to make things happen.


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