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The Difference Between Dating And Relationship You Must Know


Dating and Relationship have some things in common, yet, they are not the same. 

When two things have many things in common, it is usually difficult differentiating one from the other. That is the case of Dating and Relationship. 

There are lots of differences between Dating and Relationship and 10 of them are outlined below. 

1. Dating can involve more than one person with no serious attachment while Relationship involves just a person. 

2. Dating can be for a short time frame. Relationship could last a life time. 

3. When in a relationship with someone, there is a greater level of commitment to the person compared to when dating. 

4. You share a high level of trust with someone you are in a relationship with compared to the person you are dating. 

5. In a dating setting, the concept of true love could be absent as you might just be attracted to the other person or admire them alone compared to when in a relationship. 

6. A Relationship have more intense emotional intimacy while intimacy during dating could just be physical. 

7. A relationship gives you room to know a particular person better. Dating allows you to know a lot of people. 

8. Dating presents before you lots of choices. For a relationship, you have an idea about your direction. 

9. Pretense and Packaging occurs more in dating than in relationships. 

10. Many people who are dating keep it a secret. A good number of Relationships are not kept secret.


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