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Tension as Nigeria’s Covid-19 cases jumps in one day


As Nigerians are beginning to get very comfortable with the fact that they have strong defense mechanisms against the novel corona virus infection, the realities of its deadliness seem to be returning with a terrible wave.

Nigeria’s Centre for disease control has just reported 152 cases of infections within 24 hours. Even though the United States and United Kingdom have been reporting a daily increase of cases, capable of overwhelming the medical facilities, Nigerians were at ease.

This can be read in their disposition as most people went about their daily activities without wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing or following Covid-19 safety rules.

In view of these unpleasant developments while putting the Economy and safety of Nigerians in perspective, it’s therefore imperative to stay safe and report any identified cases immediately to appropriate authorities. Nigeria cannot afford another lockdown.


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