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Talented 11 year old author drops intellectual master piece: Hydro the Swimmer


 Chris Chindah an 11 year old boy has uniquely exercised his intellectual muscles by dropping a super inspirational book titled Hydro the Swimmer for this generation. His book which sends a message of hope to both parents and children reveals how Every Child Is Specially Gifted & Deserves A better Life.

His book with an impressive number of reviews on Amazon has a five star rating. The book which sold more than 50 copies on Amazon on the first day is a must read for any young chap that needs a morale booster to walk on the corridors of fulfillment as well as every parent that needs to believe there is something super special about their kids.

Chris said: “I started writing this because I wanted to send a message to children about how to stay brave no matter the challenges they have in school or at home, just keep going.

“I wrote about a child who was going through a hard time and how he faced some of the troubles that children face. It was mostly imagination but some of the bullying was based on my own life.

“I’m so pleased and happy about how well the book is doing, and my family has been so supportive. I hope it encourages more people to read, because books help us learn.

“My dad has written three books and I wanted to be an author like him – and I have lots of other things planned.”

Chris’s father is also an author and he has chosen to take after his dad by using his book to communicate a message of confidence to students who are going through one form of challenge or the other in school, reminding them that they can swim through that stubborn situation and succeed.

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