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Super Eagles need better wingers — Finidi


Former Super Eagles player, Finidi George has advised the current Super Eagles players and coaches to make changes to their wing formation, he said their wingers need to adapt to the current global trends.

The Super Eagles currently has at least seven wingers but Finidi says they cannot be compared with the players of his time.

“Football has changed over the years and we just have to adapt,” Finidi said while speaking with journalists.

“Most clubs don’t even play with regular wingers anymore. We have wing-backs playing as wingers these days, so it will be difficult to see our players on the level compared to in the past.”

“I will be glad if I get the job, it’s always good to start small and grow. I will not want to do what I’m not ready for at the moment. The  Eaglets are a team I know I can handle and gradually grow to any other team.”

“The aim is to win all the time but at the same time, teach the players the basics for them to use in the future, hopefully in their various clubs, as well as the Super Eagles.

“I know that I started in Nigeria. For me, if I am given the job, the only way a player from abroad can come to the team is if the player is better than those that we have in Nigeria. If not there is no point inviting a player based abroad.”

“We have to give people the opportunity in Nigeria. That is the only way. It’s for you to grab it and for them to come, and showcase their talents. At the end of the day, we will decide who is making it and who is not.”


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