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Stop insulting our governors, they are performing better than yours, PDP tells APC


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that no governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) could point any developmental projects that could contend with the accomplishments of any of its governors in any sector of life.

The PDP expressed this while cautioning the national caretaker of the APC and Yobe State governor, Mai Mala Buni, to quit sending impostors and charlatans in his party to affront PDP state governors and other patriotic pioneers just to redirect attention from the disappointments and issues of his party.

“The PDP counsels Governor Buni to design a more constructive way of containing the manifest failures of the APC government at the federal and state levels instead of this jealous act of seeking to use nonentities to attempt to drag down PDP performing governors and other well meaning Nigerians,” the party said in a statement by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan on Sunday.

The statements read in part, “It is indisputable that governors elected on the platform of the PDP have performed and are performing better, by all standards, than their counterparts in the APC.

“Nigerians across the country already know that the standard of living, infrastructural development, wealth creation, employment opportunities as well as growth in critical sectors including aviation, education, health, transportation power, energy, manufacturing, commerce are better in PDP states.

“Such feat is not by accident but by sheer ingenuity, hard work and accountability being exhibited by our governors in line with the manifesto of the PDP.

“Furthermore, it is ludicrous that rather than advising President Muhammadu Buhari and his government to rescind the unjustified increase in fuel price and withdraw the morbid declaration that fuel price ought not to be cheaper in Nigeria than Saudi Arabia, the APC is further insulting Nigerians by bandying unsubstantiated oil subsidy figures, to defend their atrocious policy.

“In case the APC is not aware, it is instructive to remind them that their party and government has fallen too low in the esteem of Nigerians for it to seek a rebranding through impostors as spokespersons, to funnel lies, deception and distortions of facts in a fresh attempt to beguile Nigerians.”


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