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SON warns Nigerians about skin damaging hand sanitizers


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria has said it will sanction manufacturers of hand sanitisers and liquid hand wash that fail to produce these items using global best practices.

The body advised members of the public to purchase only certified hand sanitisers in order to avoid skin damage.

In a statement on Monday, SON said using quality hand sanitisers are important in both preventing the COVID-19 pandemic and avoiding skin damage, also stating that it would “not tolerate any minus in standards.”

“SON urged consumers to always insist on patronising only hand sanitisers certified by SON to avoid harmful effects to their skin while also getting value for their hard-earned money.

“Quality hand sanitisers and liquid hand wash are some of the critical tools to battle the virus. Handwashing with soap and water is one of the most important steps that can be taken to avoid getting sick and spreading the virus to loved ones,” it stated.

The organization urged manufacturers of sanitizers to visit its offices to obtain the production standards for goods in the country, also stating that it would support businesses that makes public health safety a priority.


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