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Singer Tamar Braxton reflects on her unforgettable hair transformations


Tamar Braxton sure knows a thing or two about hair.

Whether she’s performing for big crowds, walking a star-studded red carpet or running around with her son, this busy mom realizes that a good hairstyle can be invaluable. And yes, it can totally be switched up depending on the occasion. 

So perhaps it’s only fitting that Tamar decided to team up with celebrity hair guru Johnny Wright for a new VH1 show that helps rescue clients whose hair has been botched by a beautician from their past. 

To catch a beautician is the perfect show to watch now because it’s funny, relatable and very entertaining. Most of us are concerned about our hair and what a hot mess it is from not being done,” Tamar explained. “This will also teach us to leave our hair alone and leave it to the professionals.”

And although it may be hard to wait for your favorite hair salon to open up amid the coronavirus pandemic, Tamar reminds fans that you aren’t alone.

“We are all struggling with our hair looks. My suggestion is don’t use any chemicals. Use gels and oil to put your hair in a sleek ponytail. You can’t go wrong,” she shared. “It’s perfect for the on the couch glam look.”

Before To Catch a Beautician premieres Monday night at 9 p.m. on VH1, we asked Tamar to look back on some of her best hairstyles over the year. 


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