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Signs That You’re Ovulating


If you’re not ready to buy expensive ovulation predictor kits, but still want to figure out when your ovulation occurs, here are 10 Signs that you maybe ovulating.

Check for these symptoms within your own body to help you identify your fertile window and get pregnant.

You have about 12-24 hours before your eggs can actually be fertilized after ovulation.

Below are 10 physical signs that you’re ovulating

1. Increase in your s*x drive

2. Skin appears more clear and radiant.

3.Good mood

4. Highly sense of smell

5. Breast tenderness

6. Ovulation cramps (happens to about 20% of women)

7. Abdominal bloating

8. A little spotting (occurs as a result of increase in estrogen)

9. Swollen lymph nodes (about 70% women experience it on the side the egg is released)

10. Change in cervix position in the body (when you ovulate, your cervix rises and softens)

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