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Senate President Ahmad Lawan reveals those sponsoring Bandits and Terrorists


President of Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has revealed that more efforts and resources should be channeled towards supporting Nigeria’s Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA as it will help to destabilize the operations of Bandits in the long run. After a visit to Buba Marwa, Chairman of the NDLEA, he made this conclusion as he revealed how bandits request for drugs as a ransom for release of kidnapped villagers and travelers.

Nigeria is known a a strong route for supply of drugs. Many Nigerians have been recently arrested and sentenced outside the country for drug running. The Nigerian Customs have also intercepted large kilograms of Cocaine and other hard drugs within the last one month.

He Said;

“I believe that this agency needs restructuring. Now that you have taken over, we should go the whole haul to restructure the agency, not piecemeal touches, because we need to get it right.

“My personal opinion is that NDLEA should be in the league of EFCC, ICPC, and therefore, the kind of support that those two agencies I mentioned receive, you should receive something like that, in addition to many other things that you should be supported with.

“So, the national assembly will definitely work with you, we will partner with you, and will ensure that we do our best to give you the kind of support that will enable you properly to discharge your mandate.

“Having said this, let me say that Nigeria as a country is in one way or the other a transit route for drugs. Drug peddlers pass their drugs through Nigeria.

“We believe that this has to stop because the proceeds of such activities fund terrorism, they fund banditry, you wonder how the bandits have RPGs and these massive arms that they have.

“Definitely, these are some acquisition provided by some barons, not the bandits themselves.

 “So, we need to ensure that this transit role that Nigerians plays is addressed properly. And here we have to approach this through multi-sectoral efforts – the Customs, Immigration Service, our Security Agencies, and in fact, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), and our seaports.”


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