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Secrets Of Irresistible People You Never Knew


You will often find yourself falling for people who are either good looking, have social connections, or are quite rich. However, there will be times when you will feel drawn towards people who have none of those qualities. And it’s not just you, others will be drawn towards them too. So it begs the question, what do they have that makes them so irresistible? Well, we have done a bit of survey and have found out the secrets of all these irresistible people.

1. Smile

Smiling has a positive effect no matter what. If you see somebody smile at you every once in a while, you will feel that everything is fine. Sometimes we fall for a person’s smile more than their personality or their looks and if such a case happens to you then know that person is perfect for you. Because if they are smiling while talking to you then it means they like you.

2. They make an effort to look good

This point shouldn’t be mixed up with people putting most of their time to look good. In fact, this kind of people will make the slightest of effort to look their best for you. And this is quite irresistible because it shows that they care about you. It implies that they care enough about you to look presentable and good to you. Besides, a well-dressed person is always more attractive than somebody in dirty clothes.

3. Respect

You will always be drawn towards somebody who treats everyone with equal respect. You can be the nicest person to your friends and family but if you treat your employees or the bus driver or even the waiters with disrespect then you will automatically lose the respect your loved ones had for you. When you treat everyone equally and show them the same courtesy you show to others, you will automatically become irresistible.

4. No small talk

Whenever you meet up with somebody new, you are always likely to engage in small talk. And while it is common courtesy to do so, it does not really create a good impression. People who have that irresistible charm are always going to ditch the small talk. They don’t have time for that, they will go to something deeper and more personal. They will ask about your life, get you talking about something you are interested in and will be equally involved in that conversation. As a result, you will feel more connected with that person despite knowing them for only a short duration of time.

5. Focus is on people

One of the biggest secrets of irresistible people is that they focus on the people. They follow the “make them feel special” rule thoroughly. They won’t be talking about themselves of try to steer the conversation towards them but rather make you talk, open up and will listen attentively. This kind of attention makes others feel wanted and makes them feel special. Thereby people will be drawn to them automatically. And the best part is they will actually remember everything you tell them. They might even act or do things based on what you said later on in life.

6.They are real

In modern times, it can be very hard to see who is real and who isn’t. But most irresistible people are an authentic version of themselves. They don’t go around making stories up, nor will they brag about something that did not happen. In fact, they are the most real people you can find and they are very upfront about anything and everything. This honesty will make you feel more attracted towards them and make them more trustworthy. And the last time we checked, a trustworthy person is quite irresistible.


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