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Russian military now in vulnerable state


The tsar suddenly might have no clothes. It has been a startling week on both sides of the Ukraine and Russia border.

What’s left of the curtain protecting the dignity of Russia’s military has been pulled back, and it’s definitely not the second mightiest in the world.

Russia’s withdrawal from around Kharkiv – a planned “regrouping” that some state media didn’t even dare mention – is arguably more significant than its earlier collapse of positions around the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

These units had been dug in for months, defending their positions effectively – as CNN witnessed during weeks spent along the arterial roads north out of Kharkiv – and were at times literally minutes drive from the Russian border.

That Moscow could not sustain a force so achingly close to its own territory speaks volumes about the real state of its supply chain and military. It is almost as if these retreating units ran back to a void, not to the nuclear power that in February expected to overrun its neighbor within 72 hours.

Secondly, Russia’s units do not appear to have effected a careful and cautious withdrawal. They ran, and left behind both armor and precious remaining supplies of ammunition. Open source intelligence website Oryx estimated that from Wednesday to Sunday, at least 338 fighter jets or tanks or trucks were left behind. Continue Reading Here


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