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Respect rule of law, release El Zakzaky now, IMN tells FG


The students and followers of Sheik Ibrahim Yaqoub al Zakzaky,under the umbrella of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), have requested that the Nigeria government discharge their chief as a mark of respect for law and order.

The movement settled on the decision at a question and answer session tended to by the South west organizer of the development, Mallam Muftau Zakariya, after a Median Interfaith Symposium with the topic: “The role of Faith in Checking Ethnic and Sectarian Violence,” held in Ibadan Saturday.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the lone assurance for peace in Nigeria is for the government and all individuals of still, small voice to consistently be prepared to comply with law and order.

“The only thing capable of saving our country today is the observance of the rule of law. If citizens can go to court and seek redress, if Police will go after criminals and prosecute them, then citizens would not revert to self help and jungle justice

“Today, the government has failed to project Shi”tes as terrorists, they have failed to prove that we have ever attacked anyone. On the contrary, it is the General Muhammadu Buhari administration that is seen blatantly romancing terrorists.

“It is this government that is giving amnesty to known terrorists.

It is this government that is empowering terrorists with millions of dollars of Nigerian assets.

“Anyone that is seen using power to enrich terrorists shall face prosecution in the future.”

The IMN South west coordinator stated further that , ” Nigerians are unanimous that all is not well with this nation, while we have different solutions to this singular problem. The truth is that we all want a lasting solution. General Buhari came to power on the massive wave of change mantra which everyone expected. What has gone wrong?”


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