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Philadelphia man freed 28 years later after wrongly accused of rape and murder


A 55-year-old man who went through about three decades waiting for capital punishment over the rape and murder of a four-year-old young lady in Philadelphia has been liberated after prosecutors concluded he isn’t liable.

A judge overturned Walter Ogrod’s conviction for the wrongdoings against Barbara Jean Horn, his neighbor, in July 1988.

Prosecutor Carrie Wood apologized to Ogrod, who despite everything faces a little possibility of another preliminary, saying at a consultation: “I’m sorry it took 28 years.”

She included she presently acknowledged “that you are innocent, and that the words of your statement of confession came from Philadelphia Police detectives and not you”.

Barbara Jean was found by a neighbor in a TV box left on asphalt about 1,000ft (300m) from her home. She had head wounds and had been somewhat enclosed by a trash sack.

Ogrod was captured four years after the fact while functioning as a bakery truck driver.

On Friday, a Philadelphia judge abandoned Ogrod’s conviction, in light of unfortunate behavior by the arraignment and new proof supporting his blamelessness.


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