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PDP Mocks APC Over Forfeiture Of Election


The Delta State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), on Saturday taunted the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) over its relinquishment of the local government elections in the state.

The gathering affirmed its relinquishment in the early hours of March 6, 2021 by means of a press briefing gave by the Pub­licity Secretary, Sylvester Imonina.

APC deplored that its rep­resentatives were not permitted to take insights of the mate­rials that DSIEC planned shipping to the diverse LGAs in the state.

According to the party, “As at today, materials that were purportedly transported to DSIEC offices at the LGAs and some police stations were yet to be distributed.

“In Burutu and Patani Local Government Areas, election materials were not taken to anywhere near the local government areas.

“In LGAs where materi­als were purportedly taken, there were/are no results’ sheets. This, to our mind, is evil. There cannot be elec­tions without results sheets.

“In Ethiope East, uncon­firmed report says that mate­rials were purportedly taken there. However, there are also no results’ sheets.

“In few places in Asaba and the home town of the governor where what looks like ‘elections materials’ were taken to, there were no elec­tion results’ sheets.

“Undiluted information reaching Delta APC is that DSIEC, in connivance with PDP and the governor, have directed that apart from se­lected places where there shall be stage-managed elec­tions, and some unscrupu­lous journalists made to dish out falsehood that there was peaceful election, it was their plans that there should be no release of election materials to any ward.”


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