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Over 200 inmates break from prison in Uganda


Ugandan authorities are looking for over 200 naked prisoners, who got away in a jailbreak on Wednesday.

Huge numbers of the 219 escapees peeled off their yellow outfits to avoid being recognized as they fled into the wild in Moroto, in northeastern Uganda.

“We saw the prisoners all over the mountain when they were running they were very many, so we were afraid,” said eyewitness Kevin Nakiru.

The military said they are “no-nonsense” lawbreakers who were imprisoned for offenses relating to cattle robbery.

The detainees likewise took off with a few arms.

“These prisoners had actually broken into the armory and took 15 rifles, that is AK-47s,” said Deo Akiiki, a spokesman for the Uganda People’s Defence Force.

“These rifles are not yet recovered and in that pursuit they were able to shoot towards us and we shot towards them that were exchanging fire,” he said.

The military said At least three people, a soldier and two of the escapees, died during the exchange of fire.

Several others were also reportedly captured.

The site has been put under lockdown as the hunt continues.

But it is doubtful they will be able to survive in the mountains for long.

“We don’t think they can survive first of all in those mountains – there is no food and the environment there is very hostile for anyone to be able to stay there for more than two days,” Akiiki said.


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