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No matter how good you look, everyone will treat you bad if you’re insecure – Ssue


Ghanaian musician, Serwah Susan Amoakohene, referred to in music hovers as Ssue, has exhorted that ladies ought to figure out how to cherish themselves since frailty will just have everybody treating them terrible, regardless of the great looks.

In an interview with host, Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana’s all new Girl Vibes show, Ssue opined that it is okay to admire another woman, however, wishing to have all physical traits of that person is too much insecurity and that could simply be self-hate.

She said, “When you want to change your whole body, then you don’t love yourself. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how good you look. The next person who is going to date you will still treat you bad because he knows you’re not secure about yourself”.

Sharing a few tips to loving oneself, Ssue advised, “know who you are. Like and love yourself. If you have any problems, recognize the problem and go seek help. It’s okay to go for counseling. There’s a lot going on in the world and we all need to stay sane”.

She suggested that if the problems are too personal, so much that one is not comfortable talking to a close person, a neutral person like a counselor or even someone from church, can always help.

“If you don’t believe in the church, you can read the word yourself. The Bible does help. You get to love yourself better when you get to know the word”, the musician added.


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