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Nigeria Government Partner with Google to Educate 56 million students for free – See Interesting Details


In view of the importance of children and youth education for the enhancement of intellectual development & raising a solution driven generation, the Federal government has decided to harness a very cardinal opportunity from Google to reduce illiteracy and raise a productive generation.

This is obviously possible by access to unlimited knowledge which is required for fertilizing the potentials in children to bring out the best in them for the benefit of the nation and the world at large. An atmosphere of information is an atmosphere of discovery. An atmosphere of discovery is an atmosphere of possibilities. An atmosphere of possibilities is an atmosphere of fulfillment and a good life generally. The importance of education therefore cannot be overemphasized. Education is said to be the best legacy parents can give their children. Millions of Nigerian children are however denied this legacy because of the level of poverty and other circumstances beyond control.

After a careful analysis of the consequences of the long term denial of education because of lack of resources, the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to take up an initiative that will help Nigeria raise an educated nation and the right leaders for tomorrow.

Google’s Government Affairs and Public Policy Director , Mr Doron Avni, in a Partnership meeting with Professor Osinbajo revealed plans to strategically harmonize education modules for the benefit of millions of Nigerian children who have not been able to get access to education.

Mr Doron Avni, said; “Obviously, we have an excellent partner here who has been doing God’s work, it is thanks to leading partners like him that we are able to be helpful in communities in which we operate.

“We had made a pledge to train 10 million people in Africa by 2022, I am happy to report to you that so far we have trained more than 5 million people.  Most important is the fact that out of those 5 million, 3 million are Nigerians.

“With the collaboration that we have with the Ministry of Education, we have now integrated some of Google’s curriculum on online safety into the school’s curriculum. So, we will be reaching 56 million students in Nigeria this year.”

This is a unique opportunity that will benefit as many children make themselves available to engage this channel of free education. This will subsequently reduce crime as terrorists are also taken advantage of the ignorance of children to enrol them into their sects and gangs as instruments of torment and destruction. Education will give them a right faculty of discrimination and put them in a better position to take beneficial decisions.


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