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New York Fashion Week 2020


New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but at least there are the photos and clothes to remember it by.

For the past week or so, influencers, fashion moguls and celebrities alike flocked to the famous Big Apple to see shows from some of America’s biggest designers. From Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors, a plethora of impressive and artful runway shows were hosted up and down Manhattan at abandoned warehouses, historic buildings and other venues. 

That being said, only a handful of celebrities get an invite to the packed shows and luckily, influencer Camila Coelho was one of them. As a result, the personality had the opportunity to wear at least a dozen amazing looks straight off the runway, all of which she flaunted in fabulous fashion. For example, the influencer was styled in a chic ensemble from Dior that can only be described as preppy with a dash of grunge. Then, there was a gown from Oscar de la Renta that was perfectly suited for a night out on the town—the list can go on.

Monochrome Maven

Wearing a purple outfit styled by Mimi Cuttrell in honor of becoming an Epilepsy Foundation Ambassador on International Epilepsy Day. Thank you to everyone who has shared support and opened up to me following me telling this very personal story of mine.


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