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NBSC Boss issues warning over unregulated blood activities


More than 90 per cent of health facilities in Nigeria engage in unregulated blood activities, the Director-General of the National Blood Service Commission, Dr. Omale Amedu, has said.

Dr. Amedu said less than one percent of health facilities involved in the blood business are registered with the commission.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday in Abuja on the implementation of the blood service regulatory policies as provided in the NBSC Act 2021, Dr. Amedu said all blood establishments, including healthcare facilities need to be regulated and coordinated.

Consequently, he said all the Federal Government hospitals, the FCT health facilities, private hospitals, individuals, and international health facilities involved in blood transfusion, blood components separation, and apheresis in Nigeria were to register with the commission within 30 days, from today (Wednesday) or face sanctions as provided by the NHAct 2014 and the NBSC Act 2021.


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