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Most Nigerian Girls Will Have These Things With Them On Valentine’s Day


February 14th is just a few days away and the air is filled with love and memories already. Lover’s are beginning to receive gifts from delivery men on their offices and homes.

No doubt this season comes with lots of emotions. Some u unexplainable while some are sad and filled with mixed feelings.
Most girls are known to carry some really funny absurd things in their handbag. So here are a lot of funny things you’d find in a girl’s handbag on valentine day.

  1. Condoms
    Yes girls move around with condoms too. They’re the ones to suffer more when an unwanted pregnancy comes to play right? So there’s nothing wrong with them walking around with packs of condoms. Lol.
  2. Extra underwear
    Yes! Some girls will go out with extra underwear on Valentine’s Day because there will be a sleepover and new day requires fresh undies.
  3. Toothpicks
    Lol. There’s gonna be lots of eating and chewing on Vals day so it’s important to move around with toothpicks. And a girl’s handbag is a wonderful place to keep weird stuff.
    What’s the funniest thing you’ve found in a girl’s handbag? Please comment and share this.


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