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Lady Gaga helps raise $35m to fight Covid-19


As millions of Americans continue to practice social distancing and follow stay at home orders, the Grammy winner is hard at work raising funds for relief efforts.

During a speech at the World Health Organization press conference Monday morning, Lady Gaga revealed she has partnered up with Global Citizen to raise $35 million in seven days.

“We are all so very grateful to all the health care professionals across the country and around the world who are on the front lines during COVID-19. This global pandemic is a catastrophe. I’m so thankful for them and I‘m praying for those who are sick,” she shared during her speech that was played on C-SPAN. “I would also like to send my prayers to those who are losing their jobs and having a hard time feeding themselves and their children. We are raising money for the World Health Organization Covid-19 solidarity fund.”

So how did she raise an impressive amount of money in such a short amount of time?

With help from tech companies, philanthropists around the world and corporate companies—who are now featured on the singer’s “corporate kindness list”—Lady Gaga has helped raise funds that will help with essential PPE, supplies and testing kits. In addition, the money will help labs to process tests faster while also helping research efforts.

But Lady Gaga isn’t done by any means.

The singer along with the World Health Organization and Global Citizen announced a global special to celebrate and support health care workers. Titled One World: Together at Home, the televised special will feature real experiences from doctors, nurses and families around the world.


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