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Kristin Cavallari gets candid during her On the List podcast interview


Kristin Cavallari is offloading it all. 

About six months after announcing her split from her decade-long partner, Jay Cutler, the reality star dropped more bombshells during a new interview on the Bleav Podcast Network’s On the List podcast with Brett Gursky. While promoting her new cookbook, True Comfort, the Uncommon James mogul cleared the air on some pressing topics, including the upcoming Laguna Beach reunion with Lauren Conrad, the romance rumors sparked by her recent outing with ex Stephen Colletti, her feelings on Cutler today and her relationship status after she was spotted kissing comedian Jeff Dye

Needless to say, there was much for the mom of three to clear up. And, in true Cavallari fashion, it was candidness all the way through. “I’m not following in anybody’s footsteps, I’m creating my own path,” she acknowledged during the interview. “And I’m staying true to who I am.”

“I’ve always been very authentic and I’ve never come to the table with an agenda or tried to be somebody that I’m not,” she continued. “And I truly think that that’s the only reason why I’m still around so many years later. Because people know that they’re going to get that from me. I’m very honest, I’m blunt, I don’t have a filter.” 

For all the unfiltered bombshells she dropped, just keep scrolling!


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