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King Charles III proclaimed new monarch of UK


King Charles III has been formally proclaimed as the UK’s new monarch. He pledged to “follow the inspiring example” of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at his confirmation ceremony.
The King, who ascended to the throne Thursday after the Queen’s death, honored her “life well lived” and renewed her “promise of lifelong service” in his first address to the nation on Friday.
The death of the 96-year-old Queen ended a generation-spanning, seven-decade reign that made her a beacon of stability in a tumultuous world. The UK has entered a period of official mourning, with tributes pouring in from around the world.

Amid much ceremony, King Charles III was publicly proclaimed as the new UK monarch from the balcony above Friary Court, part of St. James’s Palace.

David Vines White is the Garter King of Arms, the senior official responsible for the heraldry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. He read the Principal Proclamation:

“We therefore the Lord Spiritual and temporal of this realm and members of the House of Commons together with other members of late Her Majesty’s Privy Council, and representatives of the realm and territory, aldermen and citizens of London and others do now hereby with one voice and consent of tongue and heart publish and proclaim that the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now by the death of our late sovereign of happy memory become our only lawful and rightful liege lord, Charles the Third.”

After the proclamation was read, state trumpeters situated below the balcony sounded the royal salute and a military band played the national anthem, God Save the King. Continue Reading Here


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