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Kenya’s facemask enforcement turns violent, fatalities recorded


Efforts by officials in containing the novel coronavirus has gone south. Their virus containment regulations turned deadly in Lessos, a small town in Kenya’s Rift Valley where one witness confirmed that three people were killed during a clash between police and residents over the wearing of face masks.

In reaction to the killing of one man by the police, residents in anger set fire to the house of the local police chief and attacked a police station with stones. The second encounter also recorded two fatalities as policemen shot at them.

A resident of of Lessos, Peter Korir said “This is the second time when an individual is gunned down by a police officer. We are very saddened.

“We are law abiding citizens and we cannot see why police brutality should be meted out on the commoners. We seek for justice, nothing short of justice,” he stressed.

Several Human rights activists have condemned and protested against killings by police officers while enforcing virus-related restrictions. They also alleged that police officers were taking advantage of the measures to extort bribes.

The Kenyan government has made it mandatory for all Kenyans to wear face masks in public and any defiance attracts a $200 fine.

Here are the Covid-19 stats in Kenya

  • Total number of confirmed cases = 6,070
  • Total number of active cases = 3,956
  • Total Recoveries = 1,971
  • Total number of fatalities = 143


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