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Jeff Hardy Captured On WWE SmackDown


WWE opened the last evening’s scene of SmackDown with the stunning hint that Jeff Hardy had unsteadily crushed into Elias with his rental vehicle.

Hardy, who has as of late propelled a rebound and had his ‘Redemption Story’ exposed for all to see on WWE TV, was then captured by rent a-cops. WWE’s broadcasters considered his capture a “legitimate situation” as Elias was trucked away in an emergency vehicle.

As common in expert wrestling, everything isn’t as it appears with this one.

Jeff returned to the Performance Center before the end of the show and ambushed Sheamus after the Irishman had lost to Daniel Bryan in the ongoing Intercontinental Title tournament. has since provided an update on the situation, claiming that Hardy passed (kayfabe) sobriety tests and has been cleared of any involvement in the attack.

Some fans on social media seem torn about the company using Hardy’s real-life substance abuse issues in a storyline, but this isn’t the first time; in 2009, CM Punk referenced Jeff’s personal demons as part of his ‘Straight Edge Saviour’ gimmick.


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