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Inferno burns 7 houses and shops in Lagos market


On Saturday August 1 fire burnt down seven residential buildings along with 39 adjoining shops in Ladipo market in Lagos state.

According to eye witness accounts the inferno was caused by a wire that sparked when power was restored around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The wire fell from a pole on a mattress and then started the fire.

Efforts were made to douse the fire with water but this apparently increased the spread of the fire. Eventually after about 4 hours, emergency responders from the Lagos State Fire Service and the state emergency management agency put out the flames.

According to the LASEMA General Manager, Dr Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, the crowd that besieged the scene and minimal space among the structures posed challenges in dousing the fire.

He said that the cause of the fire was not yet verified, also stating that fortunately, there was no casualty.

He said, “Upon arrival at the scene of incident, it was discovered that a mattress shop was the initial source of the fire. The flames subsequently escalated to other closely adjoining shops and the joint responders worked together to curtail the inferno from escalating to more adjoining buildings.”

“There were severe operational challenges due to huge crowds who failed to comply with authorities and maintain appropriate distance for responders to work freely. The closely-located buildings also proved to be a challenge for curtailing the spread of the fire.”


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