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I think Joe Mettle is enjoying what is going on between us” – Patience Nyarko


Ghanaian gospel artiste, Patience Nyarko has attested that fellow gospel act Joe Mettle has no issue with the announcement she made about him.

As indicated by her, Joe Mettle is luxuriating in the consideration of her announcement, which caused contention.

The artist proclaimed this in a meeting on Happy 98.9FM’s ‘Ayekoo After Drive’ with DJ Advicer.

When inquired as to whether she had connected with Joe Mettle after she offered remarks considered by Joe Mettle sweethearts to be cruel about the artist, she reacted, “I don’t see it as important to reach out to him. If he is not happy about my comments, he would have reacted to it. I think Joe Mettle is enjoying what is going on between us.”

She showed that she has no close to home grudge against Joe Mettle however just talked reality as it might have been. “Some people understand my comments and stand with me.”

On her power, the main issue about her announcement was the tone she utilized which she recognizes was brought about by outrage. “I was a bit angered by the statement Joe’s team member had made. But I still stand by my statement because it is the truth.”

Patience Nyarko in a meeting a few days back shouted that Joe Mettle just sings tunes from the Church of Pentecost and Methodist. She included that Joe Mettle would be left with nothing amazingly should the houses of worship ask him not to sing their tunes once more.

In her words, “I don’t want people to think Joe Mettle is the only Gospel artiste in Ghana. He is being overly hyped and I want people to know that he is not there yet. Sincerely, they are giving the guy a problem.”


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