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How To Enable Dark Mode In All Web Pages On Chrome


Hello readers, today we would be discussing how you can enable dark mode in all webpages on chrome.

Dark theme makes readability much easier on your smartphone or PC, it helps reduces eye strain and several tests have also proved that activating dark mode on your smartphone can save a lot of battery especially when you’re using an OLED or AMOLED display.

Google aims to deliver a better reading experience to Chrome users at night by extending the dark mode across all web pages unlike when the dark mode was first introduced in 2019 which only covered the settings area and Google’s news feed homepage.

Now, how do we go about this?

Step 1. First off, make sure you’re already running the latest version of Chrome for Android or PC before proceeding.

Step 2. Open your Google Chrome browser on Android or PC.

Step 3. In the address bar, type in ‘chrome://flags’ and then hit the enter button.

Step 4. In Chrome flags section, you’ll see another search box different from the address bar, in the search box, type ‘Dark.’

Step 5. You’ll get a couple of result with the label dark, look for ‘Force dark mode for web contents’ and enable the option.

Step 6. Once enabled you’ll get a prompt to relaunch the app, simply tap on the ‘Relaunch’ button to restart the browser.

Step 7. When your browser loads up, head to the Settings on Android > Themes.

Step 8. Now, pick the dark theme option. If your device is currently using a system-wide dark mode feature, you don’t have to toggle dark mode in the browser, it will adapt your system UI settings.

Step 9. For PC users, the dark theme will automatically be enabled after changing the settings in Chrome flags and if you’re on Windows 10, just enable dark mode in Windows settings.


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