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Hachalu Hundessa’s funeral holds in Addis Ababa


The renowned Ethiopian singer, Hachalu Hundessa’s funeral took place on Thursday in his hometown of Ambo, Oromia.

Hachalu, who in his lifetime made politically provocative music that expressed the poor conditions of the people of Omoro, who consider themselves marginalised, was killed by unknown gunmen in the capital city Addis Ababa.

His murder has since sparked tensions across the country. Several demonstrations and protests followed with some turning violent with a number of fatalities. A total of 81 people were reportedly killed during the protests.

In the past two days, agitators have expressed their anger over the singer’s murder in the capital and in Oromia, a stronghold of the Oromo people, which is the country’s largest ethnic group.

Back in 2015, a federal government plan to expand the capital into Oromia sparked anti-government protests which led to Abiy Ahmed’s rise to power three years later.

Since Abiy entered office, he has worked to promote political and economic reforms.

However, this has opened a window for inter-communal clashes and violence, which is taking a toll on the Ethiopian system of ethnic federalism.


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