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Features Of A Good Relationship


Everyone of us desires to have a relationship filled with happiness, love and joy.

Some of us  have been exposed to unhealthy and unhappy relationships to a point they do not know how a good relationship feels or how it looks like.

Some of the features of a good relationship are;

1. Feelings are shared openly and honesty

A good relationship has both partners sharing their feelings with each other genuinely. Both partners respect and accept the others feelings.

2. Both partners value the relationship

Partners in a healthy relationship are loyal to each other. They do whatever is possible to keep their relationship going and also walk through conflicts together for the sake of the love they share.

3. They respect each others opinions

Partners in a healthy relationship know that they do not have to agree on everything that comes to them. They know that each one of them have different beliefs and opinions.

4. Partners are willing to ask for forgiveness

Forgiveness and apologies works miracles in relationships. Partners who have the urge to ask for forgiveness for something wrong they did shows that they are ready to change or are sorry for what happened.

5. Partners support and trust each other

A good relationship has the partners support each other to be better as days go by. This also allows them to trust each other hence they are able to grab any opportunity that come on their way without fear.


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