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Fans Drags On Who Owns ‘Essence’ Tems Or Wizkid


A Twitter fan has blasted people hailing Grammy award-winning Nigerian Afrobeats singer Wizkid on his ‘Essence’ song and giving the credit to female singer Tems.

According to the fan, when you talking about the ‘Essence’ song, it’s all about the abilities of Tems and what she can do on a song. He added that the female singer is the reason the song is really making waves in Nigerian and across the continent and beyond.

He continued that people should begin giving the credits to the 26-year-old singer for the efforts she laid on the song rather than giving it to Wizkid who to him, didn’t do anything extraordinary on his own song.

Tems is essence, she carried that jam not wizkid so stop the cap!

Wizkid release ‘Essence’ featuring Tems off his latest album ‘Made In Lagos’ in 2020. Check out reactions from social media users about the post.

That Angry [email protected]·1hReplying to @ohisznsPlease I want to ask you a question, how hat is the essence of a feature? Why do you feature an artiste in a song if not for the artiste to make the song make sense. Tems killed her part of the song which is the reason she was featured. But without Wizzy on that jam, Na flop.

Big [email protected]·1hLike I just don’t get! wiz needed a female artist on the song which could have been anyone but he ft tems because he felt she’ll be best on the song and it came out nice… when did feature become a competition in a track?? It’s either I carry u or u carry me lol. Just pure hate!

[email protected]·13hReplying to @ohisznsIf you can’t name any tems song bigger than essence then that the more reason Ogun will kill your family

Big [email protected]·13hReplying to @ohisznsand without Wizkid, the idea of ‘Essence’ becoming a song at all is impossible, and that automatically means Tems won’t see an opportunity to showcase her logistics skills so what’s now the basis of your point???


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