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DJ Cuppy indicates interest in acting, reaches out to Hollywood director Rapman


Billionaire daughter Florence “DJ Cuppy” has indicated that she wouldn’t see any problems with going into acting.

In a new post through her official Instagram page, the Disk Jockey uncovered that she couldn’t want anything more than to be cast in a film by a Hollywood director of Nigerian origin.

She asked fans and individuals in positions to help, to assist her with getting contact with a director named Rapman, born Andrew Onwubolu.

As indicated by “Gelato” hitmaker, Rapman is a virtuoso and she couldn’t want anything more than to be associated with one of his movies regardless of whether it’s a catering role.

DJ Cuppy tweeted;

”Please, someone tell @RealRapman that I would love to be involved in any of his movies… even if it’s catering The man is a GENUIS! #CuppyDat”

Rapman has directed movies like Blue Story, The Ellington Kid and Shiro’s Story 1, 2 & 3.

See her Tweet below;


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