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Disaster Averted at UK Heathrow Airport – See what Happened


It has become very important to pay attention to travel advisory before getting on any flight. This is due to the harsh weather across different continents of the world. An airplane from Abuja Nigeria, had a hard time landing at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom on Sunday due to currents from a strong wind. Passengers were overwhelmed with fear as it looked like the pilot had lost control.

According to a Facebook post by one Charles Okonkwo who claimed to be aboard the aircraft from Abuja. “By far the scariest moment of my life… But The Grace of God was with us. I was in this plane coming back from Abuja this afternoon,” he described his experience in the post. A video of the incident, which has since gone viral, revealed a British Airways plane struggling to land during Storm Ciara. 

Storm Ciara had hit the UK with heavy rain and gales of 60mph to 80mph causing more than 100 flights to and fro the country to be cancelled. Streets and buildings were flooded while train and ferry rides were also cancelled. Some areas were said to have experienced a month-and-a-half’s worth of rainfall and gusts of 97mph which resulted in power cuts for more than half a million households. The UK government flood warning service also issued a severe warning, indicating “danger to life,” after the River Irwell in northwest England flooded its banks. See below a video of the incident involving the aircraft: 


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